Lock down to cope.

Give meditation a go

With the removal of our daily commute in and out of the office and the absence of after-work drinks or dinner plans, many have found themselves to have more time on their hands during the Coronavirus pandemic. If meditation is one of those things that you’ve always considered trying but have never found the time to sit down and do, why don’t you give it a go?


This article describes perfectly the fundamentals of meditation and it’s benefits. Heightened anxiety and unparalleled stress levels have been frequently described as side effects of this pandemic, and meditation has been found to minimise levels of anxiety and reduce stress. We’re not saying it’s a one-stop wonder, but perhaps consider replacing 10-minutes of your daily ‘commuting time’ with a 10-minute stint at meditation, and see what affects it might have on your body.


Log off

When the lockdown was introduced, being online felt like the only way of staying connected with friends and family. Despite these measures being lifted in some parts of the country, a potential second-wave has put the thoughts of a second lockdown into the minds of many UK residents. And, whilst we’re blessed with an advancement in technology that allows us to see our friends and family remotely, the need to feel ‘constantly online’ can be completely draining at times.  


In regular, pre-Covid life, you wouldn’t expect to be available to your friendship group or extended family 24/7. You make plans to see friends and allot quality time to enjoy their company. Take yourself away from this constant state of online as an act of self-care. Turn off your phone, leave it in your bedside drawer. Enjoy a film with your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’, or ensure that everyone in your household enjoys one meal per day, phone free. That feeling of being anchored to your phone will certainly start to wane.


Do what makes you happy

If there’s anything we can’t stress enough here at Grandad shirt club it’s that your productivity does not determine your worth. Many have entered a period of self judgement owing to their lack of productivity during their time on furlough or away from work. Maybe your next door neighbour has learnt to play the guitar or your sister has taught herself Mandarin on Dualingo, and all you’ve done is binge watched everything on Netflix and messed up half-a-dozen banana breads. Perhaps your best friend has done Couch to 5K and is training for a triathlon and you can’t bear to even try get into your old sports gear. Just remember – this is ok! You’ve lived through a global pandemic; you’ve survived an almost worldwide lockdown. You should not look back on this time and think that you ought to have done more, simply existing is hard enough.


Please be kind to yourself, as the ultimate act of self-care.